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Embassy of Finland, Washington

Team Finland in the United States

The Team Finland network promotes Finland and its interests abroad: the internationalization of Finnish enterprises, investments in Finland, and the country brand. The Team Finland operating model brings together the key actors and services in these fields. The core of the network consists of the publicly funded organizations operating in these fields, such as the ministries, Finland’s network of diplomatic missions, Finpro, Tekes, national culture and science institutes, Finnvera, Finnfund, and the regional internationalization services, built upon the ELY Centres.

The Team Finland network will help your enterprise become more international, grow, and succeed in the global market. For more information on services to companies seeking internationalization, see:

To contact us please call 00358 295 020 510 (service hours 9am – 4pm GMT+2)
Or fill out a contact request form at

Contact persons for Team Finland in the U.S.

Contact persons in Washington D.C.:

Team Finland Chairperson
Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi
Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C.

Team Finland Coordinator
Vice President, Head of Region Americas Tomi Rauste
Finpro, Washington D.C.
+1 202 298 5833

Counselor Reetta Härönoja
Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C.

Counselor, Innovations & Head of Office Jukka Salminiitty
Tekes, Washington D.C.

Contact person in New York:
Ambassador, Consul General Manu Virtamo
Consulate General, New York

Contact person in Los Angeles:
Consul General Stefan Lindström
Consulate General, Los Angeles

Contact person in Stamford:
Senior Consultant Val Kratzman
Finpro, Stamford

Contact person in Silicon Valley:
Senior Consultant Hartti Suomela
Finpro, Palo Alto

Senior Advisor & Head of Office Thuong Tan
Tekes, Silicon Valley

Contact person in Houston
Finpro representative Michael Lovejoy
Finpro, Houston

Team Finland actors in the U.S.

  • Embassy of Finland in Washington D.C., Consulates General in New York and Los Angeles
  • Finpro offices in Stamford, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and Houston (partner office)
  • Tekes offices in Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley
  • Finnish Defense Attaché’s office in Washington D.C.

Other Team Finland partners in the U.S.

  • Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Finnish Honorary Consuls of Finland
  • Finnish Cultural Institute, New York
  • Visit Finland, New York

Objectives of the Team Finland USA Network:

Team Finland USA network promotes Finnish-U.S. economic relations and positive country image of Finland, supports Finnish companies in the U.S. markets, and aims to attract foreign investments to Finland.

Team Finland USA has the following general objectives:

  • Increase Finland’s global and regional economic impact
  • Promote trade in goods and services
  • Increase bilateral investments
  • Promote the image of Finland as a leading knowledge and innovation economy providing smart solutions for the 21st century
  • Facilitate partnerships between companies and research organizations
  • Help start-up companies to enter the U.S. markets
  • Attract companies to develop R&D functions in Finland
  • Attract investments to Finnish growth companies
  • Improve recognition of new trends and opportunities
  • Support Finnish companies in their global business objectives
  • Help and coach with market access

The Team Finland USA work will focus on the following three sectors:

  1. Cleantech
  2. Healthy Longevity
  3. ICT/Digitalization

Strong country image will serve as the platform for the work of the Team Finland USA network. Finnish culture and excellent reputation in education are important elements of the Finnish country brand.

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