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Office of the Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attache

Finland's security and defence policy is aimed at safeguarding the country's independence and society's fundamental democratic values and at promoting the security and welfare of all citizens. Finland's line of action is based on credible national defense, the functioning of society and a consistent foreign policy as well as a strong international position and an active participation as a member of the European Union. Sharing in the responsibility for international security and stability and peaceful change in line with shared values and principles is also an integral part of Finland's policy.

The main task of the Finnish Defense Forces is the military defense of Finland. In addition to this the Defence Forses prepare to support other authorities and to participate in international crisis management. The Defense Forces maintain and develop the capability to perform tasks defined by the foreign, security and defence policy of Finland’s political leadership. The capability comprises the capabilities of ground defence, maritime defence and air defence as well as the joint capabilities of the Defense Forces.

The US is Finland’s important bilateral defense partner. The cooperation is essential in defense policy, development of military capabilities, and participation in international military crisis management. Cooperation in the field of defense materiel is based on a Memorandum of Understanding between Finland and the U.S. concerning reciprocal defense procurement. It aims, among other things, to remove barriers to trade in the Governments’ defence procurements.

The Office of the Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attaché in Washington D.C. represents Finnish Defense Forces in the United States. The Office focuses on maintaining and developing good defense relations between the United States and Finland and supports defense material cooperation projects. The Office cooperates with other actors in the Finnish Embassy in current issues involving security and defense policy.

One important task of the office Office of the Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attaché is to strengthen and deepen the defense materiel cooperation between the United States and Finland by reinforcing cooperation between the defense authorities and the defense related private sector. Assisting and consulting the Finnish Defense Forces Materiel organizations in defense procurements from the United States, supporting government officials in formulation of bilateral defense materiel and research and development agreements and promoting the Finnish defense sectors access to the US market are among everyday tasks of the Office.

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