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Visas and residence permits to Finland

Finland has outsourced the submission of Schengen visa applications and the collection of biometric data required for study- or work-based residence permit applications to VFS Global. Schengen visas and residence permits to Finland must be applied for in person through the visa application centre that has jurisdiction in the applicant’s home state. Please note that there is no expedited process available, and status inquiries by telephone or email do not expedite the application process.

Make sure whether you need a visa or a residence permit, and which documents are required from the links below.

An appointment is mandatory. For visas please visit VFS Global Finland and for work and study-related residence permits VFS Global Finland.

Customer service for visas and residence permits

Customer service is by appointment only. Customer service hours and contact information located below.

Full instructions and appointment reservations for Schengen visa applicants on VFS Global Finland and for study or work-based residence permit applicants and their family members on VFS Global Finland.

The Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C and the Consulate General of Finland in New York will continue to take in other residence permit applicants in their jurisdiction.

The Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles will continue to take in Schengen visa and residence permit applicants in its jurisdiction until August 2018. Contact details for the Consulate General in Los Angeles:

Appointments to the Consulate General must be reserved via online appointment reservation system. Please note, that the link only works with Internet Explorer and Safari. If you have technical issues related to online appointment reservation system please contact VFS Helpline:, +1 212 203 0023.
Customer service by appointment only Mon–Thu 9.00 am–12.00 pm
Telephone inquiries: Mon–Thu 1.00 pm–2.00 pm Tel: +1-310-203 9903

Please contact VFS Global with Schengen visa and residence permit related inquiries.
(Schengen visas) (Residence permits)


Documents in this order:

Visa application (available only for the Consulate submission)
-  Photo (max. 6 months old) attached
-  Passport and a passport copy
-  Green Card/ US visa and a copy
-  Employer letter or school letter
-  Hotel reservation and/or invitation letter
-  Flight reservation
-  Bank statements (3 months)
- Travel insurance on 1 page:
   o  Name
   o  Validity = time of journey
   o  Schengen / EU / Worldwide
   o  40,000 usd, non-deductible
           - Medical
           - Hospitalization
           - Repatriation
-  Prepaid FedEx/DHL/UPS envelope
-  Fee

Residence permit

-  Photo (max. 6 months old)
-  Supporting documents:
-  Prepaid FedEx/DHL/UPS envelope  


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Updated 7/3/2018

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