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Customer service

Customer service is by appointment only. Customer service hours and contact information located below.

Appointments to all missions must be reserved via online appointment reservation system. If you have technical issues related to online appointment reservation system please contact VFS Helpline:, +1 212 203 0023.

Passports and other consular services

Embassy, Washington D.C.
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Consulate General, New York
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Consulate General, Los Angeles
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In emergencies outside office hours, +358 9 160 55555 (the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)


Dual and multiple citizenship

Finnish nationals will no longer lose their Finnish nationality when they assume another nationality as Finnish legislation has accepted multiple/dual nationality since June 1st 2003. Finnish citizenship is decreed by constitution and more detailed in Finland’s new Nationality Act, which took effect in 1st September 2011.

If a Finnish national has acquired a foreign citizenship by naturalization prior to June 1st 2003, the person has probably lost his Finnish citizenship. Former Finnish citizens and their minor children may re-apply for Finnish citizenship by declaration subject to a charge.

It is recommended to find out a national law of a foreign state beforehand to avoid relinquishing a current foreign citizenship unintentionally.

The citizenship issues are under competence of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Registration of the U.S citizenship to Finland

US citizenship has to be registered to Finland according to the Population Information Act (661/2009) which obliges Finnish citizens to keep their population registers up-to-date. Registration can be made directly to Local Register Offices in Finland or via a Finnish mission abroad. There is no registration fee in Finland. Registration takes about 2-3 weeks. The following document is needed:

1) Obtaining a Certified True Copy:

  • An appointment can be made with the office of Homeland Security via
  • “A Certified True Copy of the US Naturalization Document” can be requested by taking the original certificate of Naturalization with you. Please note, that a notarized copy does not qualify as a “certified true copy”.

2) Obtaining Apostille                                                                                                                    

Apostille authentication for a Certified True Copy is issued by the US Department of State Authentication Office in Washington D.C.: Instruction. Mailing the documents is done at one's own responsibility.

  • Please fill out DS-4194 form on the website.
  •  A “Certified True Copy of US Naturalization Certificate” and payment must be sent to the US Department of State Authentication Office in Washington DC. Address and fees can be found on their website.

 3) A document with Apostille authentication shall be sent either to a Local Registration Office or a Finnish mission abroad.

More information concerning US citizenship:

 Citizenship of a child

The citizenship of a child is determined by the Finnish nationality law in force when a child was born. A child may gain dual nationality at birth if the parents are married but have different citizenships. A child born in the US will also gain the US citizenship. A Finnish citizen born in the United States shall be registered to the Local Registration office in Finland.

  • The child of a Finnish mother always gains Finnish citizenship at birth (if the child is born September 1st, 1984 or after).
  • The child of a Finnish father gains Finnish citizenship if the parents were married when a child was born. If the parents were not married when the child was born, the child can acquire Finnish citizenship via the declaration process as long as paternity has been confirmed according to the Finnish law or from the date of marriage of the parents. More information from the Finnish Immigration Service.
  • More information concerning the paternity acknowledgement at the Foreign mission.

Losing Finnish citizenship of age of 22

A dual citizen loses his/her Finnish citizenship at the age of 22 if the ties with Finland have not been sufficiently close. Finnish citizenship can be retained on the basis of the sufficient ties defined in Finland’s Nationality Act. More information from the Finnish Immigration Service.

  • A person was born in Finland and is domiciled in Finland when he turns 22
  • A person has lived in Finland or another Nordic country (Denmark, Iceland, Norway or Sweden) for a total of seven years before his/her 22nd birthday, or
  • A person at the age of 18-21:
    a) has applied for or was issued a Finnish passport or
    b) has done his military or non-military service in Finland or
    c) has acquired a Finnish citizenship by declaration or application
    d) has submitted a written freeform declaration to a Finnish diplomatic mission abroad or to a local register office in Finland that he wishes to retain his/her Finnish citizenship. This freeform declaration cannot be submitted to Honorary Consulate nor the Finnish Immigration Service. Note: The letter must be signed.

Retrieving of citizenship by citizenship declaration

Former Finnish citizens, who have lost their Finnish citizenship, may re-apply for Finnish citizenship by declaration subject to a charge, where a minor may be a co-applicant. The declaration procedure does not apply to Finnish citizens’ children (over 18 years of age).

Citizenship declaration may be submitted electronically to the Finnish Immigration Service by using EnterFinland-service. In this case a personal appearance is required within 3 months either at Finnish foreign mission or Honorary Consulate to be identified and to represent the original documents. Declaration may also be submitted in person by KAN_7 form to a Finnish foreign mission or Honorary Consulate. In Finland the citizenship declaration may be submitted to the local police.

More information from the Finnish Immigration Service, which is the decision making authority on the citizenship declarations and will send the decision directly to the applicant by post.

Determination of citizenship statues

Finnish immigration Service may determine citizenship status of an adult or a child in his custody.  Based on determination, it is possible to establish whether a person is a Finnish citizen or what is his/her nationality according to the State of Finland and if his/her citizenship information in the Population Information System is correct.  A fee is charged for a request of determination.  More information from the  Finnish Immigration Service.

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