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Kuopio, Finland and Minneapolis, MN — Over 40 Years of Friendship

Lake Kallavesi in Kuopio, FinlandIt has been said that the word Minneapolis means the “city of lakes.” The same thing could be said about the Finnish city of Kuopio, since one-third of the Kuopio area is covered by water. Water is just one of the common features that unites the cities. The two cities became sister cities over 40 years ago, and have common interest in arts, design, and education, with many organized activities to show for it.  More...

Traveling Sauna Hits the U.S. Roads in 2017

Traveling Sauna Hits the U.S. Roads in 2017Finland celebrates the centennial of its independence in 2017. Many events will take place throughout the United States, and one of the most exciting centennial projects is the Traveling Sauna. The sauna will drive across the entire continent, from West Coast through Mid-West to East Coast, traveling over 10,000 miles. More...

Finnish Floorball Gaining Momentum in Dallas

Floorball in TexasFloorball is the second most popular ball game in Finland, and every Finn has played floorball at least in gym classes. In the U.S. the sport is not that well-known yet. However, in some areas, such as in Dallas, there are many active players and teams. A group of people in Dallas has played floorball already over 15 years, and the popularity of the sport is increasing continuously around the U.S. More...

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