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Customer service

Embassy, Washington D.C.
Tel: +1-202-298 5800
Customer service for passports and residence permits:
Mon-Fri 9.00 am -12.00 pm
by appointment only
Please note: As of October 1, 2011, the Finnish Embassy no longer issues visas. Visa applicants residing in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland should contact the Embassy of Sweden, which represents Finland in visa matters.

Consulate General, New York
Tel. +1-212-750 4400
Customer service by appoinment only: Mon-Fri 9.00 am -12.00 pm, both Mon and Thu 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Telephone inquiries: Mon-Fri 9.00 am -12.00 pm 

Consulate General, Los Angeles
Tel: +1-310-203 9903
Customer service (passports & visas):
Mon-Thu 9.00 am-12.00 pm
by appointment only
Telephone inquiries for passports and consular matters:
Mon-Thu 12.30 pm -1.30 pm, Fri 10.00 am - 12.00 pm 

(Last updated on February 19, 2014) 


Dual nationality

After June 1st, 2003 dual /multiple nationality is accepted by the Finnish legislation. Finnish nationals will no longer lose their Finnish nationality when they assume another nationality. Neither will foreign nationals gaining Finnish citizenship have to relinquish their present citizenship if the law in that country does not prevent them from gaining Finnish citizenship.

US citizenship by Naturalization  

Finnish citizens, who have lost their citizenship when acquiring US (or other) citizenship by naturalization prior to June 1st, 2003 , can as of September 1st, 2011 get it back by declaration. More information from the Finnish Immigration Service.

New nationality act, September 1, 2011 

Finland’s current Nationality Act took effect in September 2011. One of the key objectives of the Act is to promote the social integration of those foreign nationals living permanently in Finland

The Nationality Act includes also amendments that concern persons living abroad. Former Finnish citizens can re-apply for citizenship by declaration. The citizenship will be granted regardless of whether the former Finnish citizen’s domicile is in Finland or abroad.

The declaration procedure does not apply to Finnish citizens’ children (over 18 years of age).

A person living abroad (former Finnish citizen, illegitimate children of Finnish men, adopted children) can submit a declaration at any police station in Finland or at the relevant Finnish representation. The declaration can also be filed at the nearest embassy.

A child’s parent or legal guardian or representative can submit a declaration on behalf of the child.

How to apply 

  • Fill out  the citizenship declaration using form KAN_7.
  • The form for a co-applicant under the age of 18 should be attached to the application of the principal applicant.
  • For children under the age of 12, use appendix to the citizenship declaration for co-applicant  KAN_ILM_A;
  • For children between 12 and 14, use appendix to the citizenship declaration for co-applicant  KAN_7_ILM_B; and
  • For children between 15 and 17, use appendix to the citizenship declaration for co-applicant  KAN_7_ILM_C.
  • If the primary applicant is a child, complete form KAN_7

You may print the forms from the website of the Finnish Immigration Service

Submit  the citizenship declaration in person to the Finnish diplomatic mission, Embassy in Washington DC, Consulate General of Finland in New York or in Los Angeles or alternatively you may submit it in person to the Finnish Honorary Consulate. You may also submit your declaration to the local police in Finland. Take a valid ID with you.

Declaration fee

A processing  fee will be collected when declaration is submitted. The Finnish Immigration Service is the authority making the decision on the citizenship declarations and they will send the decision directly to the applicant. Therefore it is important to keep the address information up to date.

Citizenship of children

The child of a Finnish mother always gains Finnish citizenship at birth (if the child is born September 1st, 1984 or after). The child of a Finnish father gains Finnish citizenship if the parents are married. If the parents are not married, the child of a Finnish father can acquire Finnish citizenship via the declaration process as long as paternity has been confirmed according to the Finnish law. The declaration forms and procedures for those born before June 1, 2003 and those born thereafter are different. The Finnish Embassy/Consulate can provide more details.

Dual citizenship of children/losing citizenship at the age of 22

A child can gain dual nationality at birth if the parents are married but have different citizenships. A Finnish citizen who is also a citizen of another country may lose Finnish citizenship at the age of 22 if his/her ties with Finland have not been sufficiently close. Finnish citizenship can be retained on the basis of the sufficient ties which may be any of the the following:

  • you were born in Finland and are domiciled in Finland when you turn 22, or
    pdfMigri: more information (PDF, 1 page, 40 kB)
  • you have lived in Finland or another Nordic country (Denmark, Iceland, Norway or Sweden) for a total of seven years before your 22nd birthday, or
  • you applied for or were issued a Finnish passport when you were 18-21 years old, or
  • you have done your military or non-military service in Finland when you were 18-21 years old, or
  • you have submitted a declaration at the age 18-21 to a Finnish diplomatic mission abroad (except honorary consulates) or a local register office in Finland that you wish to retain your Finnish citizenship. This is a freeform declaration and may be submitted in person or sent by mail.

Military service and dual nationality

Due to a bilateral agreement (Agreement 25/1939) between Finland and the USA, a dual citizen of Finland and the USA is not liable for military service in Finland as long as he resides permanently in the United States of America. One should, however, verify from the Registry Office (maistraatti) that the dual citizenship and address information is properly registered in Finland. Persons who fit this description do not need to apply for exemption separately. An exempted multinational conscript can be ordered into service if he moves to Finland before the end of the year in which he turns 30, in that case he should contact his own supervisory regional office.

Questions related to Finnish citizenship

What citizenship will a child get at birth?

A child born to a Finnish mother ALWAYS gains Finnish citizenship at birth (if the child is born September 1st, 1984 or after)

A child of a Finnish father gains Finnish citizenship if the parents are married. If the parents are not married, the child of a Finnish father can acquire Finnish citizenship via a registration process as long as a paternity has been confirmed in accordance with Finnish law.

A child may gain dual citizenships at birth, if the parents have different citizenships. Parents should always contact their embassies to check the legislation of their citizenship countries.

In some countries, a citizenship may be acquired by birthplace. In USA, a child gains US citizenship, even if neither of the parents has US citizenship.

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