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Passport must be applied for in person. An appointment is mandatory.

Passport application process and attachments
Stolen or lost passport
Passport processing time
Passport processing fee
Collecting the passport
Portable passport system
Identity card

A Finnish passport is a travel document issued to a Finnish citizen. Passports are issued for a maximum validity of five years. Only a valid passport serves as a travel document. It is not recommended to travel with a damaged or broken passport. A passport also serves as a proof of identity. Only one person can travel on one passport, and children cannot be included in the guardian’s passport.

Outside of Finland passport applications can be submitted to a Finnish embassy, to consulate general or to a consulate. Please note that the honorary consulates or special missions cannot provide passport services. Passport applications must always be submitted in person regardless of the age and it cannot be mailed or sent via a representative. The application can be submitted at any Finnish mission or at any police station in Finland.

Passport applications can be processed only when the personal information in the Population Information System is correct and up-to-date (e.g. name). According to Population Information Act (661/2009) the applicant shall ensure that the personal information is up-to-date. The information may be checked from the Local Register Office once a year without any fees.

US travel regulations may be checked from the homepage of US Embassy in Helsinki.

Passport application process and attachments

  • One passport photo (neutral facial expression). The photo should not be older than 6 months: Passport photo requirements

  • Previous Finnish passport. If an applicant does not have a previous passport or it has expired, a valid ID is required, for instance Finnish identity card or US driver's license.

  • A proof of Finnish citizenship e.g. US visa or Green Card. Applicants of multi/dual citizenship shall confirm that the foreign citizenship is registered in the Finnish Population Registry. Otherwise, an applicant shall present a proof of the date when the foreign citizenship was obtained e.g. original or legalized US citizenship naturalization or a birth certificate.

  • Male applicants liable to military service shall present a document of military service status (e.g. military passport, certificate of exemption or suspension order).

  • An applicant under 18 years of age needs to submit their parents’ consent for the passport application. If both custodians are not present at the time of applying for the passport, a written consent with a date and contact information needs to be presented from the other parent, as well as a copy of the parent’s photo identification.
    pdfConsent of guardian/custodian

Stolen or lost passport

For a stolen, lost or damaged passport, the applicant can apply for a temporary passport to travel home, however maximum validity of the temporary passport is one year. A temporary passport is issued by a Finnish foreign mission. A local police report of the stolen or lost passport must be presented when applying for a temporary passport.

If Finland does not have a diplomatic mission in the country where the applicant is travelling, it is possible to enquire after assistance at a mission of another EU country in order to have an ETD (Emergency Travel Document) for travelling home.

Passport processing time

The processing time is approx. 2 weeks. Expedited passport with an extra fee can be obtained faster, in approximately a week.

Passport processing fee

Fee shall be paid according to current service fees.
Please note that if the passport cannot be granted or if it is not collected, the application processing fee remains non-refundable. The processing fees are subject to change according to the internal exchange rate. 

Collecting the passport

The new passport can be collected by the applicant themselves or by another person holding a power of attorney given by the applicant. The passport can be collected from the place where the application was submitted. Upon the time of applying for the passport, the delivery address can also be determined to be delivered to another Finnish mission abroad.

The passport can be also mailed to the applicant’s home address inside the USA. In order to return the documents, please provide a prepaid, self-addressed envelope of FedEx/DHL/UPS/USPS.

Portable passport system

Consulate Generals of Finland in New York and Los Angeles will bring the portable passport system to the following Honorary Consulates.

Passport applications must be submitted in person and all applicants must make an appointment for a passport application with Honorary Consuls. Consulate Generals reserve the right to cancel/reschedule the trip at any time.

March 12-14, 2019Chicago, ILmore info
March 15, 2019San Diego, CAmore info
March 25-26, 2019San Francisco, CAmore info
April 1, 2019Portland, ORmore info
April 2-3, 2019Seattle (Bellevue), WAmore info

 Identity card

From beginning of 2017 Finnish missions which also serve as application points for passports may issue identity cards to Finnish citizens. Identity cards are valid travel documents in 28 European countries.

The missions may issue standard identity cards only. Temporary identity cards, identity cards for minors or foreigners may not be applied for from the missions. A "standard identity card" may be issued to a minor in case the custodians give their consent.

Identity card must be applied for in person at the Finnish mission, the same as passport. Current passport/identity card and recently taken passport photo are required for the identity card application. Identity cards do not contain fingerprints.

Identity card fee is paid according to current service fees and it is non-refundable.

The service fees are subject to change according to the internal exchange rate. 

More information on identity cards can be found on the Police website.


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