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News, 7/7/2018

Foreign Correspondents’ Programme – Peter Balonon-Rosen

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has administrated thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme (FCP) since 1990. The programme is targeted at young international journalists. The 2018 United States’ delegate to Finland is Peter Balonon-Rosen.

Peter heads to Finland in August 2018.

16 participants from different countries around the world will get an excellent opportunity to learn more about Finland, Finnish society and the Finnish way of life in thisIsFinland's Foreign Correspondents' Programme. FCP scholarship gives young journalists a chance to get acquainted with this Nordic country through briefings on various subjects, meetings with Finnish professionals and visits to business enterprises, cultural sites, and institutions. Overall the program received 1800 applications for the 2018 program!

“Audio Guy”

Peter is an accomplished early career journalist from New York, who has won national awards for his reporting. Peter’s work can be heard on NPR stations. He’s also an Associate Producer at Marketplace, a leading business news radio program by American Public Media.

Finland’s society fascinates him, more specifically the Finnish education, business, music, technology and equity aspects. He’s keen to explore how Finland developed from one of the poorest countries in Europe to a vibrant hub for tech companies and start-ups.

Besides identifying as an “audio guy”, Peter has experience with various media platforms: web writing, television work, photography and social media, in addition to podcasting and audio production.

Global and Local News

Peter has visited Finland once before as a teenager, he remembers fondly traveling with family to Joensuu and to Savonlinna’s Opera Festival. He’s also spent 6-months in Senegal doing anthropological research across three languages. Participating in the Foreign Correspondents Programme aids him to widen his global scope of affairs as a journalist.

You can follow him on Twitter at: @pbalonon_rosen.

Make sure to keep an eye on the thisIsFinland FCP blog over the summer to keep up with what the 16 delegates are doing in Finland.

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Updated 8/1/2018

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