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News, 12/8/2017

Salolampi Language Village Attracts More Students than Ever

Salolampi Language Village, the nation’s premier Finnish language immersion program, operated by Concordia Language Villages of Concordia College, is pleased to announce that enrollment has grown by 40 percent since 2016 — thanks to its innovative curriculum and robust scholarship initiative.

To celebrate the success of Salolampi, based in Bemidji, Minnesota, students and counselors have created a fun video to demonstrate the easy, step-by-step process for obtaining scholarships. To view the new “How-to Apply for Salolampi Scholarships” slideshow, please visit:

Salolampi students
Salolampi students say "Kiitos" for scholarships and provide a step-by-step online video for students and families who are interested in applying for scholarships for the 2018 summer session.

Unlike other language programs, Salolampi Language Village is supported by the Salolampi Foundation, which provides a significant “automatic scholarship” to each student once they have registered. To bring the tuition fee down even further, students can apply for up to five Salolampi Foundation Partner Organization scholarships.

“Our unique scholarship program is possible thanks to the dedicated mission of our own nonprofit organization, The Salolampi Foundation, along with generous support from Finnish partner organizations, such as Finlandia Foundation National and its local chapters,” said Iida Tervola-Hultberg, Dean of Salolampi Language Village. “As a result of our combined efforts, every child in the United States and Canada who has an interest in learning about Finnish language, culture, and history has the opportunity to attend Salolampi.”

Many of Salolampi’s supporters are key members of the Finnish-American community, who have done well in the United States and take pride giving back. These business leaders, grandparents, parents, and now, even former Salolampi students, who had attended the program in decades past, take special joy in seeing young ones from across America learn the delights of the Finnish language and its wonderful customs.


Looking for a Memorable Gift this Holiday Season?

In addition to donating to the scholarship program, members of Finnish-American community can also give Salolampi as a useful and memorable gift. Concordia Language Villages offers gift cards of different amounts that villagers can use towards tuition for programs that are held throughout the year.

To give the gift of Salolampi to someone special this year, please go to:

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Updated 12/8/2017

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