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News, 9/14/2016 | Consulate General of Finland, New York

Portable passport unit in Lake Worth on November 7-10, 2016

Passport must be applied in person. The applicant needs to bring originals and photocopies of all required documents to the appointment.

Appointment is required. To schedule the appointment, contact the Honorary Consulate in Florida:

Honorary Consul Peter Makila
523 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth
FL 33460
Tel. (561) 582 2335

Passport applications can only be processed if the applicant´s personal data (eg. name, date/place of birth and citizenship) is correct and up-to-date in the Finnish Population Information System according to Act of Population Information (661/2009). Eg. name change due to marriage or a child born outside of Finland must be registered in the Finnish population information system before submitting a passport application. More information:

Documents must be presented both original and copy:

  • Passport photo max 6 months old according to police instructions ( eg. neutral facial expression, taken from front (no tilt one´s head, not having chin too up/down), enough light backdrop above the head, not too dark/light, no reflection of the eyeglasses or bows front of the eyes, no hair covering the face, no retouching
  • Previous Finnish passport + copy of ID-page. If there is no previous passport or it has expired, a valid identity card is required  + copy.
  • U.S. visa or residence permit = Green Card +copy (if an applicant is only a Finnish citizen).
  • Applicants of dual citizenship are required to register the U.S. citizenship in the Finnish Population Information system. If the registration is not done, an original document of the date when the foreign citizenship was obtained is required: eg. an U.S. citizenship naturalization or a birth certificate (+copy).
  • Male applicants age of 17-30: a document of military service status: eg. military passport, certificate of exemption or suspension order + copy
  • A minor applicant under 18 years of age: an identity document of the applicant and both custodians. If both custodians cannot be present, a written consent with date and signature from the other custodian together with a copy of an ID.
  • Passport fee exact amount in form of a Money Order only. Please check the service fee of November from: (in September 160 USD) + FedEx dispatch fee 10 USD. No cash, credit cards nor personal checks.

Further information concerning passport applications:

Consulate General of Finland, New York
Consul Jaana Honkakunnas or Vice Consul Päivi Urosevic
Tel. (212) 750 4400
Web: (Services for Finns- Passport)


Honorary Consul Peter Makila
523 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth
FL 33460
Tel. (561) 582 2335

Please note, that the Consulate General of Finland in New York reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the passport journey or have delay of delivery due to technical reasons.

Passport applications can be submitted also in Finland at the local police station. More information:

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Updated 11/10/2016

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