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News, 12/4/2003

Art Meets Architecture in the Arctic

Some of today’s most exciting and innovative artists and architects have paired up to design works out of snow and ice. The results of this first-of-a-kind collaboration will be on view this coming winter in Finland’s Lapland.

Oblong Voidspace at Sunset. Photo: Camille Moussette.

From February 12th through the end of March, 2004, the arctic towns of Kemi and Rovaniemi will be hosts to a highly original exhibition of contemporary environmental art that replaces the familiar, permanent materials of art and architecture with the unusual, ephemeral element of water in its frozen forms.

The Snow Show will present fifteen works in February-March 2004 in Finland’s Lapland. Designs by the following artist-architect pairs among others will be built:

Top Changtrakul / LOT-ek, Yoko Ono / Arata Isozaki, John Roloff / Diller + Scofidio, Eva Rothschild / Anamorphosis, Robert Barry / Hollmén, Reuter, Sandman, Cai Guo Qiang / Zaha Hadid , Kiki Smith / Lebbeus Woods, Rachel Whiteread / Juhani Pallasmaa

The Snow Show is committed to taking the concept of collaboration further through the many educational elements of the project. In addition to the above mentioned works by some of today’s master builders and visual artists, designs by the two winners of international university competitions for architectural and art students, administered by the University of Oulu and the Helsinki Art Academy, will be created.

The exhibition will be open to the public in Kemi and Rovaniemi from February 12 – March 31, 2004. Weather conditions may affect the exhibition opening times.

The Snow Show exhibition in Lapland follows the construction of two unconventional pieces in February 2003 in Rovaniemi and Kemi: Jene Highstein’s and Steven Holl’s icy Oblong Voidspace and Osmo Rauhala’s and Asymptote’s snow and video installation Absolute Zero: A Lighthouse of Temporality. The project also showcased the models and plans of the participating artist-architect pairs at the Venice Biennale of summer 2003 and Scandinavia House in New York in October-November of 2003.

The Snow Show process is due to continue through 2006, with additional venues to be announced later. The Snow Show is the work of Chief Curator Lance Fung together with co-curator Hilkka Liikkanen, Director of the Rovaniemi Art Museum, and in collaboration with the Kemi Art Museum.

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