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News, 10/16/2017 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Finland and the United States are partners in investment, innovation and trade

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued a new brochure Finland and the United States – Partners in Investment, Innovation and Trade that focuses on the broad economic relations between Finland and the United States. The brochure highlights the benefits from Finnish foreign direct investment (FDI) and introduces a group of seven Finnish companies that run successful operations in the United States.

Cover photo: iStock
Cover photo: iStock

The United States is among the top destinations for FDI for Finnish companies. The value of FDI stock from Finland in the United States is USD 10.0 billion and there are more than 250 affiliates of Finnish companies located in the country.

Finnish FDI benefits American companies and the U.S. economy. The operations of Finnish-owned companies create jobs in the United States for tens of thousands of Americans. The Finnish affiliates operating in the United States are mostly high-tech companies with a strong focus on R&D&I. The technology spillovers generate mutual economic gains through increases in productivity and competitiveness.

Finland offers a safe and secure environment for American technology companies to develop and pilot new technologies and innovations. The foreign companies investing in Finland, such as Google, IBM and GE Healthcare, benefit from their collaboration with Finnish high-tech ecosystems.

Finland is a frontrunner in digital technologies and a great partner for innovation cooperation. The current collaboration between Finland and the United States covers areas such as connected health, smart cities, Arctic development, big data and cyber security.

The United States is among Finland’s top trading partners, especially in light of global value chains. Finnish and American companies have become successfully linked to global value chains and are deeply interconnected.

As a Nordic country and a member of the European Union, Finland is pursuing a strong transatlantic trade and investment relationship that promotes jobs, growth, productivity and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Updated 10/17/2017

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