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News, 5/8/2017 | Embassy of Finland, Washington

Company Profile: Magisso Makes Everyday Life Beautiful

Magisso is one of Finland's leading design startups. From tea cups to cake servers, their award-winning designs pair functionality with style.

Photo: Magisso
Magisso cake server is a modern design classic.
The Magisso Cake Server is a modern design classic.

Magisso might be best known for its iconic cake server, but in reality the company's focus is way bigger: it concentrates on problem solving designs that improve the quality of everyday life. The aim is to provide stylish solutions to all kinds of everyday problems – from keeping your drink cool in the sun to making sure that your dish cloth is always in the right place.

Magisso was founded in Helsinki in 2008 by Juhani Sirén and Anssi Hurme. The two used to work in the magazine business and were not familiar with design or international business at all. Nevertheless, they were determined to start exporting Finnish design innovations to foreign countries. Nine years and plenty of design awards later, Magisso products are now being sold in 25 countries.

Photo: Magisso
The Magisso Tea Cup makes enjoying tea easier.
The Magisso Tea Cup makes enjoying tea easier.

The awarded Magisso tea cup is a good example of the philosophy behind the designs. It all started with frustration over an everyday problem: how to remove tea leafs from your cup without spilling tea on the table (or even worse, on yourself)? The problem was solved by designers Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö, who decided to install a strainer in a triangle-bottomed cup. The strength of tea can be adjusted easily by tilting the cup – an idea so brilliant that it ended up receiving multiple design awards.

Photo: Magisso
The Bulb Citrus Reamer is an ideal tool for quick juicing.
The Bulb Citrus Reamer is an ideal tool for quick juicing.

Magisso has recently closed a financial round with NXC, a Korean holding corporation, as the lead investor. For a young design company, this is a huge step. Even though NXC concentrates mostly on game business, they saw important potential in Magisso's imaginative design solutions. As an NXC manager put it, "Magisso products not only pursue beauty in design but also are equipped with innovative functions as well."

The partnership will open up new opportunities in Asian markets, but in the United States Magisso's potential has already been acknowledged. A U.S. subsidiary company was founded as early as in 2012 with an office in North Carolina, and the designs have been featured by the leading media outlets, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN. The famous cake servers and other products can be found at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art Store as well as at Bloomingdale's. 

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Updated 5/8/2017

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