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News, 6/9/2017 | Embassy of Finland, Washington

Company Profile: Fiskars’ Orange Scissors Are a Design Classic

Fiskars was established in 1649 in a small village of the same name in southern Finland. Over the past three and a half centuries the company has grown into a global brand best known for its scissors, kitchen utensils and gardening tools. The company aims to create products that help people to do things they love in easier, more enjoyable ways.

In the early years, Fiskars made nails, wire, hoes and metal reinforced wheels from wrought iron. The company founded Finland’s first cutlery mill in 1831, and the production range increased from knives to include forks and scissors. At first, the cutlery was handmade, but the company opted for mass production after the Second World War to expand its product range.

The most iconic and recognizable Fiskars product are the orange-handled scissors. The scissors were created in 1967, and they became an instant classic, thanks to the creative design and durability. The distinguishable color came from leftover plastic that was used from juicer production. The scissors are loved worldwide because they are so multifunctional. Whether you are preparing food, sewing, working in your garage or crafting with your kids, Fiskars has the perfect pair of scissors for you.

Photo: Fiskars

Fiskars has sold over 1 billion orange-handled scissors since their creation. The scissors have received official trademark protection in the U.S., Finland and Canada, ensuring that the Fiskars scissors are the only orange handles you’ll see in stores.

Fiskars is headquartered in Helsinki, and the company employs approximately 4,100 people in over 30 countries. Europe and North America are Fiskars’ main markets. Approximately 46% of the sales come from Europe and 40% from North America. Fiskars’ products are available in more than 60 countries. In the U.S. you can find the products for example at Walmart, Staples and Lowe’s.

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Updated 8/2/2017

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