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News, 11/16/2004 | Consulate General of Finland, Los Angeles

Finnish makeover

"It never rains in Southern California", famous lyrics immortalized by Albert Hammond were questioned early Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the light drizzle ended shortly, sun broke through the clouds and the sky cleared to dazzling bright blue, which brought a revitalizing, rejuvenating and perhaps a little sentimental atmosphere to the air. The scent of flowers, wet grass, fresh moist air and chirping of birds created an ambiance like the first day of spring in Finland. What better day to attend a brunch organized by the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Consulate General of Finland called "Lumene Makeover"!

From left: Susanna Jurva, Barbara Tuuri, Riku Campo, Leena Sidi and Virpi Sidler

FACC organizing committee, Vice President Barbara Tuuri, Secretary Susanna Jurva and board member Virpi Sidler had two agendas on their mind when putting together this brunch. One was to introduce a local Finnish entrepreneur Riku Campo, the stylist and makeup artist in the Los Angeles area, and the other was to inform about the Finnish cosmetics line “Lumene” now available at CVS stores in the US.

The Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles supports Finnish-American organizations by participating and helping with their functions. Consul General Manu Virtamo is also dedicated in promoting the interests of Finnish companies, their products and he encourages Finnish business activities on the West Coast in general, so he volunteered to co-host the FACC brunch at his residence in Bel Air.

As a surprise an amazing Marimekko dress was introduced. Model Vera Jordanova did justice to the dress designed by Jukka Rintala. Picture by Heikki Ketola

To no surprise, the participants were mostly women, close to fifty and a total of four men. Punctual Finns and Friends of Finns arrived early and had an opportunity to network and exchange information at the social hour. Consul General Virtamo welcomed the guests, expressed how pleased he was about the function and the overall cooperation with FACC and how 'this was an opportunity to make beautiful ladies even more beautiful'. Then Mr. Virtamo gave the floor to Barbara Tuuri who concurred that 'Finnish ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the world' and introduced the self-trained makeup artist Riku Campo who already at the age of six knew his destiny. His professional career includes big names of cosmetic lines, he has worked with numerous famous clients all over the world and his portfolio is very extensive and impressive.

The program continued by raffling two names who were to receive a complete makeover by Riku Campo. The lucky audience participants were Mervi Gotch, Customer Service and Administrative Specialist for day makeup and Leena Sidi, Office Administrator of Deloitte Services for evening makeup. Riku started to work his magic while he presented the Lumene products in use and gave his expert knowledge of the best make-up applications and techniques for both day and evening. Riku interacted with the audience and the ladies didn't hesitate to ask questions. To those who showed a concern about all the information received, Riku gave a comforting statement 'if you don't have time to put on makeup, at least use mascara, it makes all the difference'.

Riku Campo with raffle winners Leena Sidi (evening makeup) and Mervi Gotch (day makeup)

'In this sometimes depressing world, cosmetics can really give relaxation and sheer joy. There is beauty everywhere and in every one of us. I feel privileged to give tips to women in order to enhance their own individual beauty,' are some of Riku's thoughts.

The brunch was an overall success. Everyone left with the feeling of being beautiful and all those attending received a gift bag with Lumene products and also a list of all CVS stores in Southern California. The day had turned hot, but the rejuvenating and revitalizing atmosphere continued.


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Updated 12/14/2004

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